Floyd Mayweather burns $100 bill

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Floyd Mayweather burns $100 bill

Floyd Mayweather burns $100 bill,"I'm not a big fan of Floyd's ever since he dumped Chilli," said one Cleveland-area woman, referring to TLC group member Rozonda Thomas' close relationship with the boxer that ended when he decided he didn't want to get more serious, and stood up the singer during dinner filmed by her reality show, What Chilli Wants.

Indeed, online video of Mayweather going off on a security guard did not endear him any more fans, and now the video of Floyd burning a perfectly good $100 bill that could've been used for greater purposes has more people shaking their heads.

"I heard Floyd Mayweather was in the club in Atlanta setting money on fire. SMH," wrote Karen Marie on Twitter.
Floyd Mayweather
"Noooo! Dont do it! I could buy new kicks with that!" screams another person via a tweet about the $100 bill-burning incident.

It may be a thoughtless and heartless act that's also illegal, according to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

However, legal experts don't think the Feds will track down Mayweather just to prosecute this incident. But seeing as though the TMZ.com video is going viral and attracting lots of attention due to its hubris and bravado of such a public stunt -- no doubt designed to make people admire the man who has so much money that he feels entitled to burn a $100 bill -- stranger things have happened.

This public $100 bill-burning stunt just might backfire on the boxer.

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