Olivier Martinez + South Beach + Villa Azur
Olivier Martinez + South Beach + Villa Azur_The French actor - who has been dating Halle Berry since 2010 - is opening an eatery called Villa Azur in partnership with restaurateur Jean-Phillippe Bernard in the South Beach neighborhood of the city early next month, because he "loves" the "interesting" people in the area.

Olivier told People.com: "I love the interesting and international people I have met in Miami.

"So when my friend Michael Martin said he found a space for a restaurant and lounge where we could bring in the best aspects from the South of France, I was excited and wanted to get involved."

The restaurant will feature a French and Italian-inspired menu complete with a bar and lounge with couches for guests to drink champagne and indulge in the 46-year-old actor's special olive bread.

Other dishes set to be available at the restaurant include penne pasta with vodka caviar cream sauce and veal filet mignon stuff with artichokes, tomatoes and cheese - and Olivier and Michael are hoping to bring the "a touch of Saint-Tropez glamor" to the city.

Michael added: "Olivier and I love Miami and want to bring the glamor and allure of the South of France to this melting pot of a town.

"Olivier knows that we are doing something special together where people can get a touch of Saint-Tropez glamor in South Beach."

The eatery will be designed by Francois Frossard and fitted out in antique woods and chandeliers with both old and contemporary pine furniture.

source: nationalledger