Rihanna New dark 'do
Rihanna New dark 'do_Rihanna New Dark 'Do, New images of Rihanna---Rihanna's new 'do - what do we think: I did wonder if RiRi was playing a little April Fools, but I don't actually know if they do that outside of England? And also, the jewellery she is wearing is the same as she was wearing yesterday with her Rodarte outfit I am obsessed, I know.

Anyway, I am totally loving the dark hair, and I have to admit I'm kinda glad to see the back of the blonde. I am feeling everything about this look - the length, the style and definitely the colour. I was always a big fan of redhead Rihanna, but this could be a really good look for her.

It makes me want to go back brunette...

Wait, what was that? Oh, that would be the collective sigh of my family/friends/hairdresser. I am blonde, but I regularly decide to go back to my brunette roots. I also regularly have a meltdown the minute I clock my reflection, and by the end of the day I'm rocking back and forth clutching my Sheer Blonde shampoo.