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True Blood Trailer,HBO has released a new trailer that gives insight into what is in store for the upcoming season of “True Blood.” While I won’t reveal everything that they’ve shown just yet (you can see for yourself by clicking on the video to the left,) watching the trailer did get me thinking about some of the stories that I am really looking forward to when our favorite Bon Temps residents make their return. Man, June just can’t get here fast enough.

Jason and SteveNewlin
When we last left Casa de Jason, he mistakenly thought that the knock at his door was baby vamp Jessica, who had just left after an very intense tryst. How wrong he was, since the person in question was none other than Steve Newlin, his nemesis from Season 2. But the good (or not so good actually) reverend wasn't himself so to speak, having been transformed into the one thing he hated the most: a Vampire. I’m not quite sure why Steve is there, but from the look on his face, it looks like he wants more than revenge from Jason.
Jessica and Hoyt
Even when "True Blood" got a little too silly for its own good, fans could always rely on Jessica and Hoyt to provide some much needed relief. They were just so adorable together, that it was simply heartbreaking (but not surprising) to see everything fall apart the way it did. Hopefully the show can find a way to bring them back together, even if it means leaving Jason out in the cold (sorry Jessica/Jason fans.)

Russell Returns
Probably the most exciting revelation of last season's finale was the fact that former Vampire King Russell had escaped his concrete grave and was now free to roam. How did this happen, and what is in store now that he is on the loose? My guess would be that Pam dug him out, especially since it appears that her hatred and jealousy of Sookie has reached new heights.

Bon Temps resident victim had just taken a major shot to the head, which appeared to be quite fatal. The trailer does not make any mention of her, so would it be safe to assume that perhaps Tara is no longer among the living (or in the cast)? My guess: Someone is going to save her by turning her, which could provide some interesting storylines .

What stories are you excited to see on Season 5 of "True Blood"?

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