Michael Vick 30 million

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Michael Vick 30 million,Michael Vick may be making millions tossing a football in the NFL, but the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has been unable to keep most of it. Vick has reportedly spent nearly $30 million since filing for bankruptcy in 2008, paying off his taxes, creditors, lawyers, accountants, child support and living expenses, according to bankruptcy filings acquired by TMZ.com.
After paying a total of $29.6 million for all of his expenses, Vick was left with $1.5 million from $31 million in earnings, which includes his NFL salary, various endorsements and other business ventures. In 2011, Vick signed a six-year, $100 million contract with almost $40 million in guaranteed money. In 2007, Vick pleaded guilty to federal felony charges for running a dog fighting ring that he operated for five years while playing with the Atlanta Falcons. He served 21 months in prison, followed by two months home confinement. After signing with the Eagles as a free agent in 2009, he made his NFL return in week 3.

source: lfpress