Paternity lawsuits and scandals
 Paternity lawsuits and scandals-The Kardashian-Disick paternity scandal is not the only fatherhood riddle to be proved or disproved by science. Read on to find out which alleged offspring of the famous made it inside the mansion walls and which were left out.

  Kourtney Kardashian
The reality TV star was recently slapped with a paternity suit  by a model who claimed to have had an affair with Kardashian in 2008 when she and boyfriend Scott Disick were on a break.
Marc Anthony
Near the end of Anthony's marriage to a former Miss Universe, a Miami waitress served Anthony with a paternity lawsuit. Three DNA tests were conducted to decide paternity.

Mathew Knowles
An up and coming actress claimed son Nixon was conceived during an 18-month affair with the former manager and father of a mega music star while he was still married to ex wife Tina.
Mick Jagger
After Jagger refused to acknowledge paternity, his former flame and reportedly the inspiration behind the hit song "Brown Sugar" embroiled the rock legend in a bitter court battle and proved that the papa of her daughter Karis was indeed a rolling stone.
 Neil Bush
The presidential offspring and sibling's divorce from wife Sharon.was wrought with scandal and drama that included a rumored affair and illegitimate child .
Anna Nicole Smith
Although Smith's attorney, Howard K. Stern, was listed as the father on the birth certificate, a paternity battle over little Dannielynn and her impending inheritance soon evolved to include a who's who of potential baby daddies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
When the former action star and California governor confessed to fathering son Joseph during an affair with his family's long-time housekeeper, wife Maria decided to end their 25-year marriage.
Berry Gordy
The legendary music mogul and founder took no issue with mixing business with pleasure, as evident by the birth of daughter Rhonda as a result of his long-term affair with a popular singer.
Bill Cosby
Fans were shocked when one of America's favorite TV dads was accused of having an illegitimate child as a result of an admitted affair he had in the 1970s .

Bobby Flay
An alleged affair between a "Mad Men" actress and Flay ushered the married.celebrity chef's name to the list of prime paternal candidates for her son, Xander.
Boris Becker
The retired tennis pro's tryst with a waitress in a Nobu London broom closet resulted in a paternity suit that proved he was the father of daughter Anna and led to the demise of his first marriage .
Chris Rock
Despite DNA test results proving the comedian did not father the son of a freelance journalist and controversial publicist, she still holds fast to her claim.

Don Francisco
The 70-year-old Chilean entertainer was served with a paternity suit by a man who claimed his mother, Rosa, admitted on her death bed that he was conceived following a night of passion in a hotel room with a television star.
Earl Paulk
At the age of 80, the bishop submitted to a court-ordered paternity test that proved that his illicit affair with sister-in-law Clariece altered his and brother Don's offspring lineage.
Eddie Murphy
After a spicy encounter with a former girl-group singer led to her pregnancy, the comedic actor denied he was the father until a DNA test proved him wrong.
Gavin Rossdale
The Bush frontman's goddaughter, Daisy, did some digging and figured out at the age of 14 that Gavin was in fact her biological father.
John Edwards
The former vice presidential hopeful got caught in a tangled web of lies and deception when he was outed for having an affair and lovechild while his wife,Elizabeth, battled a terminal illness.

Jude Law
A brief relationship with an aspiring actress resulted in the birth of little Sophia, whom the actor refused to meet until after a DNA test proved that he was her father.
Justin Bieber
A 20-year-old concert attendee filed a paternity suit against the singer, claiming the two conceived son Tristyn during a backstage rendezvous.

Ryan Phillippe
Phillippe's brief fling with a "Pitch Perfect" actress resulted in a pregnancy with daughter Kai. While he didn't deny support to the actress during pregnancy, he requested a post-birth DNA test to confirm paternity.
Steve Bing
The multimillionaire denied claims that Damian, the son of his famous former flame, belonged to him. A court-mandated DNA test proved otherwise.
Steve Jobs
At the age of 23, the tech wiz claimed infertility as a defense against fathering daughter Lisa. After two years of denial, a positive DNA test put all doubts to rest.
Steven Soderbergh
The critically acclaimed film director  is said to have been separated from his celebrity wife when he conceived his daughter Pearl with an Australian film student.

Tiger Woods
It's no surprise that Tiger's scandalous affairs with multiple women would soon lead to a paternity claim by one of his former mistresses. DNA evidence deemed the claim false.
Strom Thurmond
Several months following the senator's death, a 78-year-old African-American retired school teacher publically revealed that she was his daughter, the product of a tryst he had with his family's maid.