Adele Driving Instructor

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Adele Driving Instructor--Driving instructor Noel Gaughan has taught many celebrities how to drive, but he didn’t recognize one of his most recent students as one of the best-selling artists of today, Adele.
In a new interview cited by ShowbizSpy, the instructor says that even Adele was surprised that he didn’t recognize her, even though she never courts attention. In fact, she’s the exact opposite of a celebrity, often doing everything in her power to fly under the radar.

With her driving instructor, she almost succeeded – until she started singing to him, at least.

“I didn’t know who Adele was so she started singing in her lessons. The problem was I didn’t know any of her songs. She would sing some beautiful songs and say, ‘You must know this one,’ but I don’t really know many celebrities,” Gaughan says for the publication.

“Driving will give her a bit of freedom and she is looking forward to be able to go off with just her and Angelo. She worked very hard with me and learned very quickly,” he adds.

Angelo is Adele’s son, born in October last year. She’s yet to speak about him with the press or, come to think of it, to pose for photos together.

In the same interview, the driving instructor also shares a few bits and pieces about his other celebrity students, which include stunner Gemma Arterton, James McAvoy, One Direction’s Niall Horan, Rhys Ifans, and Mika.
Rest easy, he doesn’t bad-mouth any of them, not even Ifans, who does have the reputation of being somewhat difficult to be around when his temper is out of control.

He is so popular with the stars because he teaches an intensive driving course, which is just perfect for them because of their busy schedules.

He says Adele passed the test after just 6 days with him, and had just only one, small error.