Eva Longoria Kissing

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Eva Longoria Kissing--Eva Longoria has been seen kissing her ex-boyfriend Edward Cruz in New York City. On Oct. 28, E! Onlinereported that the two were seen together and who knows if they are back together again. Do you think that they are a good match?

On Saturday, the couple was at Serafina restaurant in NYC and were seen kissing each other. They were out in public so they obviously were not trying to hide it. Eva recently split with her boyfriend Ernesto Arguello from "Ready for Love."

This wasn't just a small peck between friends either. Eva and Edward were holding hands, kissing, and then it even turned into a full on make out session between the couple. They were obviously really enjoying each other in the kissing session and seem to really like each other again. This couple has been on again and off again, but their last split was back in June of 2012. Her rep is still saying "no comment."