Girl Removed From Ireland Roma Family--A blonde girl thought to be aged around seven and living with a Roma family in Ireland has been taken into care, Sky Sources have revealed.

Police are understood to have swooped on the family after a tip off from a member of the public.

The girl, who also has blue eyes, was taken into care after officers called to a house in the Dublin suburb of Tallaght on Monday afternoon.

Concerns were raised after the member of the public saw the blonde girl being looked after by the Roma family.

Sky Sources have said that the parents were unable to prove the identity of the girl.

It follows the taking into care of a four-year-old blonde girl called Maria and the arrest of a Roma couple in Greece last week.

The youngster taken from the family in Dublin is now being cared for by Ireland's Health Services Executive.

Sky News has been told the couple who were looking after the girl are being questioned by police in Dublin.

Ireland's Sunday World newspaper reported that the couple were asked by police to produce a birth certificate but, at first, could not find one.
The parents, according to the paper, then claimed the girl was born at Dublin's Coombe hospital in April 2006, but inquiries with the hospital resulted in no record being found of the girl being born in the hospital at that time.

After two hours in the house, the parents eventually found a birth certificate but the Gardai were not satisfied that it matched.

It is understood police may seek to take DNA samples to determine if the girl is related to anyone in the Roma camp.

The couple who claimed to be the parents of a blonde, blue-eyed girl aged around four in Greece have been charged with abduction.