Bank robber chooses bus as getaway vehicle--A bank robber in Florida didn't pick the smartest getaway vehicle after holding up a Wells Fargo on Tuesday, but I commend his faith in the public transit system. Orlando reported a man told a bank manager at a branch near Orlando that he had a weapon and demanded money. He left and put on a new set of clothes at a gas station, but the costume-change didn't help much.

Witnesses told police the man was standing at a nearby bus station, waiting to be whisked away with his loot by a slow-moving vehicle that makes frequent stops.

Police apprehended the man and recovered the stolen cash. A 50-year-old man named Timothy Jones is charged with the crime, according to

An oddly similar incident took place in Arizona earlier this month at a Bank of America. ABC 15 reported a man walked into a branch in Tempe, AZ, and handed a note to the teller saying to give him money. He got the money, but this poor planner had arrived in a cab with a driver that had better sense than him. The taxi driver refused to let him in, according to the story, and so the man jumped onto a city bus.

Police caught up with him a short time later.