Anne Frank heading to big screen--Anne Frank heading to big screen .. For many people, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is their first introduction to the Holocaust. Written by Frank while she was hiding from the Nazis, the journal has become a profoundly effective and affecting teaching tool, giving a human face to the unimaginable horrors of the Jewish genocide during World War II.

Due to the text’s profound impact, it’s not surprising it’s been adapted for the screen, both big and small, before. Soon, we’ll be seeing a new animated adaptation, but this one’s of particular note. Helmed by Ari Folman, the writer and director of the Oscar-nominated Waltz with Bashir, we can be sure this won’t be a typical cartoon.

As Frank’s story is so emotionally wrought, there’s the risk of relying on sentimentality while telling her tale. However, based on Folman’s past work, this shouldn’t be an issue. The Israeli director has dealt with difficult historical realities before, having explored his own experience of fighting in the 1982 Lebanon War in Waltz with Bashir. His last film,The Congress, also wrestles with complex issues and is described as “a biting Hollywood satire set in a near-future world.” This all bodes well in terms of Folman approaching Frank’s story with nuance.

On top of this, the animation style of Folman’s other movies is particularly evocative, being a mix of hand-drawn illustration and digital imaging – and it sounds like Folman will be bringing this invigorating vision to this project. Calling the forthcoming adaptation a “fantastic opportunity and challenge,” Folman said: “There is a real need for new artistic material to keep the memory [of Anne Frank] alive for younger generations.” We’re looking forward to seeing how Folman illustrates Frank’s life.