Sandy Hook's struggle to move on

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Sandy Hook's struggle to move on--Sandy Hook’s struggle to move on.. A YEAR later, inside a big house in Newtown, dolls fill the shelves of a living room and flowers and rainbows decorate a kitchen window, next to a little girl’s name: Avielle.

Outside, all around the Connecticut town, Christmas lights shimmer again. But so, too, do the 26 bronze stars that sit atop the local firehouse, one for each adult and child gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.


In so many ways, this is a place frozen in time. Ribbons of green – the school’s colour – stay tied to mailboxes and storefronts, just as a curly-haired girl smiles from a framed photograph that remains atop a mantel inside Jeremy Richman’s century-old home.

People might assume the hurt that accompanies tragedy fades with time. But, says Richman, who last Dec. 14 lost his only child, “I miss Avielle more every day.”