Miley Cyrus furious over leak of Adore video--A NEW raunchy music video has been leaked online of Miley Cyrus, which made the pop star angry and she let her Twitter followers know it.

The visually explicit video for her song Adore You was leaked online overnight.

The 21-year-old had been counting down the days until her video's official release before it was leaked."We all know Smilers would break another record if it wasn't for the f*** face who leaked my video. Alllllll good! Keep smiling :)," she tweeted in reference to her fans known as Smilers.

She is also seen holding a handheld camera, as she provocatively poses for it.

The leak of her new music video comes after claims Twilight star Kellan Lutz is not letting his friendship with Liam Hemsworth get in the way of him "hooking up" with the star's ex.

According to Us Weekly, Lutz reached out to Cyrus in early December and a source told the magazine "they've been hooking up ever since."

Cyrus reportedly invited the 28-year-old actor on an overnight trip to the Bahamas on December 17, the pair were later photographed getting off the same private jet when they returned to Miami.