Weird 911 calls from Bieber's party

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Weird 911 calls from Bieber's party--DAYS after Justin Bieber announced he was retiring from music, strange audio from a series of 911 calls have been released, which reveal a young woman in distress at one of his famous house parties. released the audio of 911 calls made by Bieber’s security team earlier this month when the woman had a medical emergency at his house in Calabasas, California.

On the call, a member of Bieber’s team asks paramedics to come to help the woman “in her early 20s” who is “hyperventilating”.

The person on the call then changes his story several times about what is wrong with the woman.

“She’s conscious and breathing. She’s in her early twenties. I think she might have had like a seizure.”

He then said: “She’s fine – she didn’t have a seizure she just passed out. She’s coherent now.”

The call ends with the promise that paramedics are on the way.

At 3.12am the same man called emergency services again to call off the ambulance.

He told the new dispatcher: “They just left with the person and they’re taking her to the hospital.”

When asked, “Who left with her?”, he answered “security”.
The dispatcher asked the question, “She was intoxicated?” and he confirms this was the case.

He added: “They’re gonna take her to the hospital.”

The singer’s parties have become infamous, with the pop star banning anyone from posting details, photos or recordings of inside his house on social-networking sites or other media.

Guests are forbidden from talking about the “physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics” of the singer and his guests and anyone who breaks the ban, will be pursued for $5 million in damages.

The waiver includes a further $5 million fine if the guest tweets, blogs or Instagrams.