Samuel Cann dies after fall from chair--Fire crews were forced to hoist "grossly obese" Samuel Cann when he slipped from his seat and was unable to lift himself back up

A 40-stone man who lived on a diet of burgers and pies died after he fell out of a CHAIR.

Fire crews were forced to hoist "grossly obese" Samuel Cann, 35, when he slipped from his seat and was unable to lift himself back up.

Paramedics discovered housebound Samuel, who spent 24 hours a day in the chair, had developed pressure sores and ulcers which required medical treatment.

A team of fire fighters carried Samuel from his home in Stone, Staffordshire, into a waiting ambulance and he was taken to nearby University Hospital North Staffordshire.

But Samuel, who also suffered from tissue-swelling condition lymphoedema, refused emergency treatment and died six days later.

An inquest into his death held on Tuesday heard how Samuel lived in the chair he had fallen out of on February 14 this year.

The former factory worker - whose weight ballooned due to his diet of fatty foods - had even refused stomach surgery to help him lose weight.

His size meant he had been forced to quit his job at the age of JUST 28 because his hefty frame made it impossible for him to walk and dress himself.

Widow Jody, 34, told the court Samuel was a stubborn man who had refused medical help for his weight problem.
She said: "I went to sleep on February 13 and woke up about 9am the next day to Samuel shouting my name.

"He had slipped off his chair and was sitting on the floor on his bottom.

"Me and Sam often used to have arguments because I always wanted to call for medical help for him.

"He was housebound so the doctors had to come to us, but he was reluctant to have medical treatment.

"He was told he was the perfect candidate to have his stomach stapled but he refused to have the operation.

"He was a very stubborn man."

Family GP Dr Souvrik Chakraborty, of Mansion House Surgery, in Stone, said: "He was grossly obese.

"He was seen by one of my colleagues who was trying to encourage him to lose weight.

"He had been referred to a dietician in 2007 but he gradually became housebound because his obesity was so severe.

"He also had lymphoedema and swollen legs, but the heart of the issue was Mr Cann's obesity.

"If that could have been solved, the rest of the problems would have subsided.

"The one way Mr Cann could have helped himself would have been to improve his diet and have surgery for his obesity.

"He also could have done more exercise and looked after the state of the room he lived in.

"The root cause here is obesity."

Recording a verdict of death by natural causes aggravated by self-neglect, assistant Staffordshire coroner Margaret Jones, said Samuel's obesity had led to his death.

She said: "From quite a young man, Mr Cann had many problems with his weight and his obesity and it is that obesity that led from one thing to another.

"His living conditions were not ideal and in order to improve his health and his lifestyle he would have had to make some significant lifestyle changes, but he wasn't willing to make those.

"Unfortunately that led to infected pressure sores, celulitis and sepsis, but underlying all of that was his obesity."

The cause of death was recorded as "sepsis due to infected ulcers and sores and obesity".

Verdict: Natural causes