Kim Basinger bad films--Kim Basinger has apologised for making "bad comedies" throughout her acting career.

The 60-year-old Oscar-winning actress admitted that while she has received critical acclaim for roles in movies like The Natural and L.A. Confidential, she knows she was less successful in her comedic performances.

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper Basinger said: "I know what it takes to put a film together but I can't help produce some really bad comedies sometimes. I'm sorry.

"I've made some bombs in my life but I came from comedy and worked with some really great people who taught me so much. I had great teachers so whenever I get to exercise that, I do."

Among her comedic roles are 1987's Blind Date alongside Bruce Willis, which was panned by critics, as well as My Stepmother Is An Alien with funnyman Dan Aykroyd.