Roxanna Ramirez Target kidnapping

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Roxanna Ramirez Target kidnapping--A vigilant Target employee is being called a true hero by Bay Area law enforcement, after her sharp eye lead to a major break in a kidnapping case involving a 7-year-old Northern California girl.

Antioch Police have praised Roxanna Ramirez, 22, a loss-prevention specialist at a Pittsburg, Calif., Target, for obtaining crucial information that led to the arrest of David Douglas. The 43-year-old is accused of kidnapping a 7-year-old Antioch girl last week.

Until Ramirez contacted police with key information, police only had a vague description of the suspect and his vehicle. Ramirez took down Douglas' license plate number after observing him acting suspiciously in the store and outside in the parking lot Jan. 3.

“When I first spotted him in the store, I thought he was going to shoplift,” Ramirez said, according to KTVU. “He was fidgeting around, acting really weird, abnormal. I don't know, it just didn't make me feel comfortable.”

Ramirez contacted police after her girlfriend told her about an Amber Alert for the girlthat she saw on Facebook that night, according to the Contra Costa Times.

"The car looked the same and I was like, 'It might be the same person,' and I remembered I wrote down the license plate number and my girlfriend was telling me, 'You should call, you should call,'" Ramirez told KGO.
That information led police to the Antioch Marina, where the girl was found alive in Douglas' car.

In a jailhouse interview, Douglas called the kidnapping "a cry for help," according to CBS News.
"At the moment police caught him at the Anitoch Marina, Douglas said, he was telling the little girl that he was an angel, and was awaiting further instructions from God."

Police said Douglas may have tried to kidnap another child at a Walmart on Thursday, according to KGO.